Increase dental compliance

pet-dental1Increase dental compliance

Routine cleaning can run from $150 to $350. Depending on what the veterinarian finds when they start, the procedure could increase to as much as $1000+. These are costs the average consumer will hesitate to pay and a lot of consumers cannot afford.

Have you thought about structuring a system similar to how the cosmetic industry grows its business? Offering prepaid services with a payment plan where the monthly payment fits your clients monthly budget will increase your dental compliance.

You need to think outside the box to grow your practice in today’s economy.

If you offered dental cleaning for only 3 or 4 easy payments of $xx per month, you would see a dramatic increase in dental procedures and other non-emergency procedures. 

This prepayment option is exactly how the cosmetic and orthodontic industries handle their elective medical procedures that are not covered by insurance. A payment plan is extended to their clients and the procedure is scheduled in the future after a majority or all of the procedure is paid. You can do the same because now there is a system in place to make it work for you and at no cost to your practice.dentistry-cartoon- DOG_full

Start capturing this revenue source and increase your dental compliance.

Give us a call, we will help you implement this easy outside the box system.


Tony Ferraro is President of Total Financial Services, Inc. / Electronic Billing & Customer Support / His company has been in the payment processing industry for over 30 years. He is a leader and expert in the payment processing, recurring billing and collection industry.