Why Pet Owners Aren’t Sold on “Value”

The predominant model for accepting payment (in full and up front), which is the final act capping off a client’s veterinary experience, can quickly destroy all the goodwill that was earned by compassionate, expert medical care when there is a perception that the hospital is inflexible about payment – especially when the pet owner is facing a large bill. That loss of goodwill then becomes the defining element of the whole experience for the pet owner, and overshadows any feelings of gratitude and appreciation they have for a job well done by the veterinary team.

A Very Personal Business: VetBilling.com

Suzanne Cannon knows how hard it is to choose between finances and your pet’s health. Several years ago, her dog developed a case of pancreatitis, requiring $4,000 of emergency treatment. Despite having pet insurance, Cannon, who was then going through a divorce, still had to pay upfront and then wait for reimbursement.

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