What Veterinary Professionals Say…

We have been using VetBilling since July of 2015. The last thing I thought we needed was another payment method. But we started having more cancellations because of client financial concerns. So, we bit the bullet and signed up for VetBilling. And I’m glad we did! Some of our clients just don’t qualify for CareCredit, but they want to get their pet the medical attention it needs. These are honest people who just don’t have the money on hand but are willing and able to make payments. You might wonder why we don’t just do in-house payment plans. We used to. But having VetBilling offers an extra layer of protection to ensure our clients actually pay their bills. First, they don’t have to remember to send in a payment or call us with a credit card. Second, we don’t have to remember to call them. If they miss a payment, VetBilling contacts them. We only get involved if it client is skipping out on their bill (which has only happened once). The process of setting up an account alone seems to deter those who aren’t serious about paying their bills. With VetBilling, we have been able to help more than 30 clients help their pets.

I can’t recommend them highly enough. Not only do they provide a wonderful service, but every member of their staff is knowledgeable, courteous and helpful. I have never had an unpleasant experience with anyone at VetBilling. They obviously take pride in their work. Your staff will be fully trained in how to use VetBilling, and they provide brochures that explain the payment plan to your clients. If you are looking for a way to help your clients who can’t pay upfront, you can’t go wrong with VetBilling. (January 2017)

Cheree Miller

Practice Manager, Azzore Veterinary Specialists

Our hospital sees clients that come from all socioeconomic levels.  And from my experience, even “traditionally credit-worthy” clients have been turned down for Care Credit, and I love being able to offer a payment option for those people that are truly payment worthy, even if by today’s standards the “powers-that-be” deem them not creditworthy.  We have extended VetBilling services to so many people that really do just make ends meet from paycheck to paycheck; however their furry child is one of the ends that they account for in their paycheck.

I love being able to adjust the down payment and set terms that we BOTH agree on and are comfortable with. Getting them involved in the treatment *and the financing* plans really strengthens the bond between us as vet and pet owner, and that creates a heightened level of accountability and responsibility that they feel for the payments. This has been my experience. Honestly, these are hardworking people that appreciate the extended trust and faith, and they have yet to let me down. You have nothing to lose, start VetBilling services, choose your cases carefully at first and then you will see it is so valuable to your clients and patients.

Tara Klimovitz, DVM

Owner/Veterinarian, Perry Hall Animal Hospital

Payment plans through VetBilling.com have granted us the ability to ensure that pet parents can afford the more costly parts of pet care – dental cleanings, orthopedic surgeries, emergencies, etc.  We have control over who is and isn’t approved for these payment plans.  Offering them allows us to demonstrate the kind of compassion we feel for pet owners in a responsible way to our business’s needs.

Danielle K. Lambert

Practice Manager, Quinebaug Valley Veterinary Hospital

Jarrettsville Veterinary Center has been an integral part of its community for over 70 years. From its most humble beginnings we have always been focused on providing excellent care at affordable prices. As the practice grew our ability to provide options to all of the clients who needed them became strained. In many cases there were circumstances where good long time clients were faced with unforeseen medical expenses that they wanted to provide but were unable to pay for up front. In the past we would allow loosely organized in house billing. In most of those cases it was a slow painful process that built resentment on both sides. It rarely worked well. There were many years where I simply dismissed old debts as not being worth my time. I know that many of us have been down this road. You cannot be the veterinarian, book keeper and bookie.

When I heard about VetBilling, I knew that this was the perfect opportunity to provide the care and service my clients needed and take my nagging calls and informal paperwork arrangement out of the failed attempts to be both the health care provider and banker. I also love that the client pays for the convenience of this service. I decided a long time ago that I was going to use the veterinary skills I had worked so hard to accumulate to help those who needed and would benefit from them. I also made a pledge to walk away from this profession knowing that I had stayed true to being a compassionate humanitarian first and a business owner second. VetBilling helps me do both successfully. I already know that I cannot turn away a pet in need. I just needed a way for the client to help pay for it. VetBilling fills that big gap.

VetBilling has provided billing assistance to many of our clients. As a result, we do not turn our backs on a parvovirus case, or a pyometra, and VetBilling has made this possible.

I own a 6 doctor, 7 day a week practice that continues to grow at or above market expectations for the past decade that I have owned it. Part of my secret recipe for success is being true to the reason I became a vet. One of the tools we use to accomplish this is VetBilling. Take a chance on yourself, your practice, and the clients who helped build your business, and offer an option like VetBilling, where everybody wins: the vet, the pet parent, and most important, the pet.

Krista Magnifico, DVM

Owner/Veterinarian, Jarrettsville Veterinary Center

We are so pleased with VetBilling.com! As a new business Vetbilling.com has helped us put our client’s minds at ease when it comes to payments and takes the weight off of our shoulders as well! VetBilling.com is very easy to use and the staff is friendly and helpful 100% of the time!

Amanda Grossnickle

Office Manager, Valley Veterinary Hospital

VetBilling.com has been a great addition to our practice at Perry Hall Animal Hospital. So many of our clients want to go above and beyond for their pets, and even just provide the basics despite living paycheck to paycheck and not having reserve funds for emergencies.

Offering payment plans was something we had done in the past for long standing clients, but now we feel good about offering the option to most of our clients and have had great success. Success in being able to treat the patient completely, doing the necessary surgery, and even just working up allergies or getting the yearly blood work.

It’s not just for large, emergent bills. Your clients will appreciate being able to break up the payment over 3 months if that helps with their monthly bills.

The system has been easy to implement and the support is wonderful. Real people that you’ve met face to face before will help guide you in anyway needed. Thanks so much for providing a great payment option and service to our clients!

Michele Deschu

Practice Manager, Perry Hall Animal Hospital

VetBilling.com has proven to be an exciting partner and innovative addition to payment plan options in veterinary practices that I work with. First, the value is excellent when compared to other third-party payment plan services. Second, the instant credit grading system puts practices in control of whether a client is able to be placed on a payment plan, under the practice’s terms, not some disinterested third-party computer. Third, the control and flexibility that VetBilling.com’s system offers affords a more human-centric approach to finding a solution that works for each individual client. Overall, this means more patients getting the care that they need and more clients happy about their experience. It’s a win-win.

Jason Canapp

Veterinary Business Advisor, CEO, Animal Eye Care, Canapp and Associates, LLC

Our clients are so grateful to have a payment arrangement that fits their budget. Without having the option of an VetBilling.com payment plan, many of our clients’ pets would not have made it! Being able to offer payment plans through VetBilling.com takes the burden off our doctors and staff, as far as tracking down payments from clients, which can be awkward and uncomfortable. Our front-desk receptionists are happy to have this option to offer our clients, because they’re confident that they’re getting taken care of in a friendly, comforting, professional manner. As for our staff, we’re able to speak with wonderful people at VetBilling.com at any time, with any question or concern we might have.

Frederick Road Veterinary Hospital

Catonsville, MD

We decided to use VetBilling.com for several reasons. The first is that we realize not everyone who loves their animal can qualify for a credit card, but that doesn’t mean they can’t or won’t pay. Sometimes clients can’t pay off their balance in 6 months, either. VetBilling.com allows us to be flexible, so we can set up payment plans for any amount and any length of time. We don’t have to worry about putting our clients at risk of getting hit with high interest charges, as can be the case with third-party financing. We also found that using VetBilling.com is a safer alternative than relying on promissory notes or informal payment arrangements.

Dr. Lisa Zakai

Practice Owner, Frederick Road Veterinary Hospital

What Pet Owners Say…

“I cannot even begin to explain how fortunate we were to have found VetBilling.com.

It all started when my fiancé and I went on vacation for the weekend. We were unable to bring our beloved pup, Kratos, with us, so he was having a playdate with my sister for a few days. One day while she was at work, Kratos jumped out of my second story bathroom window, and ran into a busy intersection. He was struck by a car and suffered injuries to his rear end, and developed slight liver damage due to shock.

We immediately came back home, and met him at the Emergency Veterinary Hospital. Kratos was diagnosed with a fractured pelvis, and a dislocated hip. The vet was unable to relocate his leg, and actually fractured his pelvis even more in the process. We exhausted all of our savings paying for the emergency bills, but were so very fortunate to still have our puppy alive and happy to see us. The emergency vet originally told us that the surgery would be beyond our financial budget, and she recommended euthanasia. This was absolutely not an option for us. Kratos is our child.

For the next 9 days, we explored absolutely every option we could. And in the process, we hand fed, and helped Kratos use the restroom with the help of a sling.

All of the orthopedic vet surgeons in our area were quoting us $5000+ for the needed procedure, and required the payment up front. Every day our options seemed to grow slimmer and slimmer. We were very lucky to have wonderful friends and family who donated anything they could to help us, but even that didn’t get us anywhere near what we needed for the surgery. I felt hopeless. My poor pup was just laying in bed all day, unable to understand that the only reason he couldn’t walk again is because I couldn’t afford it. It absolutely broke my heart.

Finally, I stumbled upon VetBilling.com after endless days of research. I was so unbelievably blown away by the organization, and I couldn’t type my zip code fast enough into the search engine. Alas, I found a veterinary office nearly 120 miles from my home that accepted VetBilling, and we couldn’t have been more excited. I contacted the vet office right away, and they were able to work with us over the phone for our credit application. We were approved!

Kratos received his surgery the following day, and is now more than a week into recovery. He is starting to walk on his own, and is gaining strength in his hind legs every day. I nearly cried when I came home from work yesterday, and he greeted me by the door!

Without VetBilling, there is no way that this would have been possible in such a timely manner. It would have taken us months to be able to afford the full amount of the surgery, and I just couldn’t bear the thought of him being sad and bedridden for that length of time.

Kratos is my fur baby, and I would stop at nothing to make him happy and healthy. Thank you so much to everyone at VetBilling that has made the impossible, possible! We really cannot show the amount of our appreciation.”

— Hona Mattson

[P.S. The veterinary hospital that helped Hona and Kratos was Dodgeville Veterinary Service in Dodgeville, WI. Many thanks to their team for the kind, compassionate, and expert medical care that helped Kratos and his family!] Hona Brielle Matson

Pet parent

Lola became very ill of course on a weekend in the middle of the night, passing blood from both ends. I remembered that UVS (University Veterinary Specialists, McMurray, PA) had just opened recently nearby. I took her there and she was diagnosed with Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis (HGE) and needed to be admitted with IV meds and fluids to have a chance to survive.

The bill was way more than I could manage on the spur of the moment, and from past experience the vet wants their payment or no admission is happening.

Not the case here. I had problems in the past with the Care Credit card [that] vets and other medical facilities offer, so that was not an option, and I do not have a credit card.

The people [at UVS] kept telling me they’d work out the money part and not to worry about that right now. They said it will be “ok”.
Not accustomed to this attitude, I was leery but they were true to their word.

Lola spent the night on meds and came home on more meds and diet changes. She survived her ordeal – now would I survive the bill?

I was asked to put a down payment of whatever I could afford and they would get back to me. How odd. No pressure.

A week or so later I met with [someone named] Nicole [from UVS] and she explained the [VetBilling] payment plan and made sure I agreed on the details (such as the monthly amount and length of payments.)

This experience was a much better way to handle the emergency of a pet’s illness without the immediate added pressure of a huge medical bill to pay, or to let your animal die or be gravely ill. Thank you.”

Sharon & Lola

Sharon Byers

Pet parent

I signed up for an extended payment plan offered by VetBilling.com when my dog had extensive dental work done at Frederick Road Veterinary Hospital. Upon reflection, I felt it was a good idea for the chiropractic office where I am the billing manager. The practice owner agreed. So far we’ve had an excellent response from our patients, and look forward to offering this to those who would otherwise decline care if this option were not available to them.

Kathy Semone

Pet parent and Billing Manager, Poehlman Chiropractic and Nutrition Center

Without VetBilling.com I would not have been able to afford to get my dog’s ACLs repaired (yes she tore both.)  The surgery to fix them was $3,000 each – wow! Without this monthly billing option I can honestly say she would not be able to get the surgeries. VetBilling.com made it possible without any complications. I never had to worry about making payments; the automated payment was great! My very active dog is now finally off exercise restriction from both knees and is back to her normal, playful, hiking self.  Thank you!

Christina Barrett

Pet parent

VetBilling.com helped me when my older dog, Isis, needed vet care and meds that I could not afford. She was in perfect health, minus having her “old girl” bladder issues. I was able to afford her visit and her meds when I was approved for a payment plan through VetBilling.com! Thank you so much!!!

Giullia Matteo

Pet parent

My name is LaTausha, and my min pin mix Redd was my whole life…he became very ill in July 2015, and after many tests by his veterinarian we found out that he was in kidney failure, had a swollen spleen, liver and pancreas, and was getting progressively worse – so my husband and I decided to put him to sleep to end his pain.  It was the hardest and worst thing I ever had to do in my whole life.  I maxed out my credit cards and I had a $300 bill remaining.  I don’t know what I would have done if it wasn’t for VetBilling!

I was referred to Suzanne (co-founder of VetBilling) from a friend who was helped by her a few months before.  Suzanne comforted me through the process, introduced VetBilling to my veterinarian (Harbor Pines Veterinary Center) and handled all the paperwork which allowed me to come up with an affordable payment plan with my vet!  My vet is now a VetBilling partner and can help those who were in my shoes by offering a payment plan that can ease their mind, so they can focus on getting their pet well again!  Thank you Suzanne for starting VetBilling, you are an angel!!


LaTausha Jones

Pet parent

One day I noticed that my 4 year old cat Mr. Diva was attempting to urinate in his litter box with no success. Noticing that he still had not gone after an hour, I called an emergency animal hospital to get some advice on what I should do. They told me to bring him in immediately because he could have a blockage. Before I ended the call, I was informed of some preliminary prices for the visit and for possible treatment options depending on how severe the blockage was. After hearing the figures I was quoted (up to several thousands of dollars) and being told by the emergency hospital that all payments must be made prior to treatment, I reached out to VetBilling.com: Payment Solutions for Vets & Pet Parents. They referred me to Perry Hall Animal Hospital, who confirmed that Mr. Diva did in fact have a blockage in his bladder, better known as a urethral obstruction. Perry Hall explained to me the treatment and the price, which was still a few thousand dollars. However, they also informed me that they had a payment plan option through VetBilling, and explained how it worked. The payment plan allowed me to only have to put down half of the balance, and then have monthly payments automatically withdrawn from my account for the remainder of the balance. Had it not been for Perry Hall and VetBilling, my Mr. Diva would not be here with me today! I was financially unable at the time to pay for his surgery, care and medication all at once, but VetBilling and Perry Hall Animal Hospital made it so that my finances were not an issue. There are not enough ways to express how grateful I am that I was able to get my “cat child” back healthy, without putting myself in debt. Today, Mr. Diva is doing great. He is back to his old self and we have VetBilling and the team at Perry Hall Animal Hospital to thank for that!

Tysia S. and Mr. Diva

Tysia S.

Pet parent

Our dog Zoey was in distress trying to give birth.  A true life or death situation.  With this happening right after Christmas, we were financially troubled and there weren’t any vets that would see her without full payment at time of service.  I was frantically searching the Internet trying to find any answer I could.  The Internet is where I discovered VetBilling.com: Payment Solutions for Vets & Pet Parents.  I was able to search for the closest doctor that participated.  We rushed Zoey to Towne Animal Clinic in Leesburg, VA and they were able to help her immediately.  Zoey and her 3 puppies are doing wonderfully.  Thank you, VetBilling.com and Towne Animal Clinic.

Susan Fields

Pet parent

“When my large dog attacked my sister’s small dog Nancy Pong, it was a nightmare. We needed to get Nancy Pong to Cheat Lake Animal Hospital as they are wonderful, fully staffed & equipped to deal with emergencies. It is so wonderful that we were able to finance this ordeal!”
– Sincerely, Nicole McLaughlin

Nicole McLaughlin

Pet parent

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