The tools you need to help pet owners pay and budget for veterinary care.

Our online platform lets you create customized in-house payment solutions within minutes.

Unlike third-party credit solutions, VetBilling® accepts all of your clients and takes none of your treatment fees.

When you follow our best practices your practice will NEVER lose money when offering clients a payment plan.

Managed Payment Plans

Pay-in-advance Plans

Pet Savings Accounts

Wellness/Subscription Plans

Our payment solutions leave no pets behind®

Our goal is to expand financial access to veterinary care so more pets get the care they need.

A complete solution for veterinary practices

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VetBilling® payment plans are successfully paid in full over 95% of the time. With odds like that, why manage in-house payments on your own?

Veterinary Practices

VetBilling’s all-in-one platform, along with our dedicated team of payment support specialists, lets you run a stellar in-house payment and budgeting program without the administrative headaches. 


In an effort to keep pets with their families and out of shelters, VetBilling partners with nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations that provide veterinary services and charitable grants for veterinary care.

Pet Owners

VetBilling’s payment and budgeting plans, available through select veterinary practices and nonprofit animal welfare organizations, let you comfortably manage your pet’s health care costs.


Latest Blog Posts

Is Your Vet Clinic “Financially Friendly?”

What does it truly mean to be a ‘financially friendly’ veterinary practice? It’s not about providing free or heavily discounted care, slashing prices, or transforming into a ‘low-cost’ clinic. Instead, it’s about creating an environment that respectfully and empathetically understands and addresses your clients’ financial concerns. Financial friendliness is kind of like a “fear free” experience, but for humans!

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Access to Veterinary Care Awareness Day is May 10

In recognition of the growing challenges many pet owners face in accessing necessary veterinary care, in 2023 VetBilling spearheaded the creation of Access to Veterinary Care Awareness Day, which takes place on May 10. This initiative underscores a critical and worsening issue—declining access to veterinary services for numerous pets and their families due to financial, geographical, and cultural barriers. VetBilling believes in actively addressing these challenges to better the lives of pets, pet parents, and the veterinary teams that care for them.

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Brown and tan chihuahua

Rigid Rules, Restricted Care, & Veterinary Access

An elderly man faces a heart-wrenching decision when his cherished Chihuahua requires urgent surgery, for which he is financially unprepared. He has $500 to use as a down payment, but his clinic tells him they have a strict “no payment plans” policy – despite the man’s longstanding relationship with the clinic and a prior payment history that is flawless. But this time, his dog’s medical situation arose at a bad time. This pressing situation raises crucial questions: Should financial policies in veterinary care allow for more compassion and flexibility? Could such changes not only benefit pet owners but also enhance the veterinary profession itself?

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