Our Payment Plans Leave NO Pets Behind!™

Our mission is to end economic euthanasia and owner surrender,
by helping veterinarians provide more flexible payment options
to pet owners.

How It Works

Our services are available through veterinary hospitals

• Professional Payment Plan Management •  Pet Savings Accounts
• Payment Management for Wellness Plans

What We Do

VetBilling.com’s mission is to make veterinary care more affordable for pet owners, by enabling veterinarians to offer in-house installment payment plans.  VetBilling.com manages a contractual payment agreement between the pet owner and the veterinarian, by automatically drafting the pet owner’s checking, savings or credit card account until their balance is paid in full. We resolve payment exceptions, provide full collection services if needed, and directly remit all payments to the veterinary practice.

What Our Clients Say

VetBilling.com has been a great addition to our practice at Perry Hall Animal Hospital. So many of our clients want to go above and beyond for their pets, and even just provide the basics despite living paycheck to paycheck and not having reserve funds for emergencies. Offering payment plans was something we had done in the past for long standing clients, but now we feel good about offering the option to most of our clients and have had great success. Success in being able to treat the patient completely, doing the necessary surgery, and even just working up allergies or getting the yearly blood work.  It’s not just for large, emergent bills. Your clients will appreciate being able to break up the payment over 3 months if that helps with their monthly bills. The system has been easy to implement and the support is wonderful. Real people that you’ve met face to face before will help guide you in anyway needed. Thanks so much for providing a great payment option and service to our clients! Michele Deschu

Practice Manager, Perry Hall Animal Hospital

About Us

Who We Are

We’re pet parents who just happen to have been in the payment processing business since 1986. We felt there should be more flexible payment options available for veterinary care, so we created one!  VetBilling.com represents our commitment to helping both pet owners and vets find a fair financial solution that works for everyone.  Our mission is to make veterinary care affordable for all pets in need.
How It Works

Why Choose VetBilling.com?

Your practice has total control over who you wish to offer a payment plan to. We are not like those third party financing companies. VetBilling.com payment plans are the most flexible payment option available in the veterinary industry.  Our program is convenient and client-centered, but also “vet-friendly,” giving practices the tools and support to minimize financial risk.  When a payment plan is most needed, VetBilling.com is here to help – not to turn pet owners away.

How Our Payment Plan Saved Daisy

When 5 year old Cocker Spaniel Daisy developed a life-threatening infection, an emergency vet clinic refused to help because Daisy’s mom didn’t qualify for third party financing. Fortunately she was referred to Frederick Road Veterinary Hospital, where a three month payment plan from VetBilling.com made emergency treatment affordable, saving Daisy’s life.

Veterinarians, Find Out More

To learn more or start making your practice more profitable by offering affordable payment plans to your clients right now, simply contact us by phone or using the secure form to the right. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have.

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