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Our mission is to end economic euthanasia and owner surrender by helping veterinarians provide more flexible payment options to pet owners.

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Our services are available to the veterinary profession.

Professional A/R management: Payment Plans, Wellness Plans, Pet Savings Accounts

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Veterinary Professionals

VetBilling.com payment plans are the most flexible payment option available in the veterinary industry.  Your practice has total control over who you wish to offer a payment plan to. Our program is convenient and client-centered, but also “vet-friendly,” giving practices the tools and support to minimize financial risk.  When a payment plan is most needed, VetBilling.com is here to help – not to turn pet owners away.

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Pet Owners

Our payment plans, offered through veterinary practices, help you comfortably manage your pet’s health care costs. A large balance can be divided into manageable, interest-free installment payments paid by secure, automatic withdrawals using your checking, savings or credit card account. Visit our Participating Vets page to find a veterinarian near you that offers VetBilling.com payment plans.

1. Enroll Your Practice

Simply contact us to receive an application. Upon receipt of your documents, we will contact you to set up your free account.


2. Create Plan

You choose the payment plan to offer to your client and have the option of utilizing our Credit Score Recommendation tool.

3. Receive Payments

Payments are electronically deposited in your account. Online reports and complete customer support make it worry-free.

4. Increase Revenue

Offering our payment plans will attract more clients, improve client retention and add up to 15% to your bottom line.

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We have been using VetBilling since July of 2015. The last thing I thought we needed was another payment method. But we started having more cancellations because of client financial concerns. So, we bit the bullet and signed up for VetBilling. And I’m glad we did! Some of our clients just don’t qualify for CareCredit, but they want to get their pet the medical attention it needs. Cheree Miller

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