Keeping Pets With Their Families & Out of Shelters.

Too much of the grant money goes to pet owners who can afford care over time. Allow them to repay the grant and reallocate grant money for the truly insolvent.

Providing Veterinary Services and Charitable Grants for Care

We collaborate with nonprofit organizations dedicated to providing veterinary services and charitable grants for pet care. The cost of veterinary care is one of the primary reasons that pets are surrendered or euthanized. One ASPCA study found that 40% of pet owners would not have surrendered their pet if they had access to affordable veterinary services.

Understanding Financial Limitations

It isn’t always easy to determine which pet owners “can’t afford” veterinary care, and it’s even harder to define what “can’t afford” means. VetBilling prefers to use the term “financial limitations.” For clarity, VetBilling categorizes pet owners with financial limitations into two groups:

Pet Owners Who Are "Illiquid"

These individuals are employed and have an income but lack sufficient cash or credit to cover the full cost of veterinary services upfront. Non-credit-based installment payment plans are an ideal solution for them.

Pet Owners Who Are "Insolvent"

These individuals have debts far exceeding their income or have no income at all. They may be unemployed or homeless, unable to pay for veterinary care. Full grants through veterinary charities or in-clinic ‘angel funds’ are the best way to support these pet owners.

Our mission is to ensure that every pet owner, regardless of financial situation, has access to the veterinary care their pets need.

How Nonprofit Veterinary Practices Use VetBilling

Nonprofit veterinary practices can make care more affordable for cash-strapped pet owners by offering non-credit-based installment payment plans through VetBilling. This approach allows pet owners to pay over time without relying on traditional credit options.

In-House Payments

Tailored for clients unable to pay in full upfront, offering manageable installment options without relying on third-party credit.

Prepayment Plans

Tailored for clients who make installment payments in advance before non-emergency procedures like dentals or spay & neuter.

Pet Savings Account

“Frequent flier" pets save funds for veterinary services & products on a recurring basis - easier to manage than typical wellness plans.

How Veterinary Charities Better Leverage Limited Resources with VetBilling

Veterinary charities can better utilize limited resources by offering grant repayment plans through VetBilling. Instead of providing full, non-repayable grants, charities can assist pet owners who can pay over time. This approach allows charities to extend their resources while helping more pets.

The Process may look like this:

Our Payment Solutions Leave No Pets Behind

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Empowering Veterinary Care Together

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