Tony & Suzanne & Sam

Tony Ferraro and Suzanne Cannon with their Clydesdale/thoroughbred horse, Chase, and Suzanne’s dearly departed miniature schnauzer, Sam.
Scout, our female Otterhound, joined our family in May, 2015.

In November 2017 we were blessed with another miniature schnauzer, Finch. Here he is with Scout on top of Mt Mitchell, NC

Who We Are is a division of Electronic Billing & Customer Support (EBCS), founded in 1986. We began as an electronic payment processing company serving the health & fitness industry.

Over the years, we successfully expanded into other markets, and in 2014 began offering payment plan management services to veterinary practices, allowing them to offer in-house payment plans to clients, without increasing staff workload and financial risk.

We’re pet parents, too

As pet parents to both horses and dogs, Tony Ferraro and his partner Suzanne Cannon have experienced their share of unplanned veterinary expenses.  Emergency, acute, and surgical veterinary care can be shockingly expensive, and most pet parents aren’t aware of how costly it can be.  Oftentimes, they aren’t financially prepared for such an occurrence.

Tony and Suzanne never want to see any pet parent caught in a situation where they have to euthanize a beloved companion and family member simply because they don’t have funds available immediately to pay in full – especially when they can make payments if given a little extra time.

While most veterinarians offer third-party financing via medical credit card companies, approval rates tend to be low and too many pet owners are left out in the cold when they need help the most.

We believe that more payment options help both pet parents and vets

Tony and Suzanne felt a wider variety of payment options should be available to responsible pet owners who legitimately need a payment plan, but for whom third-party financing isn’t desirable or feasible. As a business owner, Tony understood that the veterinary practice – and not just the pet owner –  had to benefit from another payment option, too.

Our goal is to provide a platform to help practices maximize revenue, while simultaneously reducing the financial risk associated with offering installment payment plans. VetBilling does not take any percentage of the vet’s treatment fee. To avoid issues with late or missed payments, the plans are set up as automatic bank withdrawals, and VetBilling does all the legwork and follow-up if a payment transaction fails.  

VetBilling provides full payment recovery and collections services, but our primary goal is to proactively help pet owners stay on track with their payments, which we accomplish at a rate exceeding 90%.  Between the many security features built into our web-based platform, and the support provided by our payment management team, we ensure that veterinarians are fairly compensated for the valuable services they provide.

Our platform also allows vet practices to assess credit risk using a built-in soft credit check tool that provides an instant credit letter grade and a recommendation for a down payment amount and maximum payment term.  This tool, called Credit Score Recommendation®, allows practices to screen clients to determine eligibility for a VetBilling payment plan.  Approvals are left up to the discretion of the practice, allowing them to make an informed decision about credit risk, while at the same time respecting their extensive knowledge of their client base and their desire to preserve the client-practice bond.

Our mission is personal’s mission is twofold:  First, to bring peace of mind to pet owners who would otherwise be unable to afford life-saving or life-changing treatment; and second, to assist veterinarians by allowing them to offer a reliable, secure, payment plan alternative that is professionally managed by our payment processing and customer service experts.

We’re here to help in any way we can.  For us, this isn’t just business—it’s personal.  Our pets are our family… we know yours are, too.

More About EBCS

Since 1986, our parent company, Electronic Billing & Customer Support, has provided payment processing and recovery services to businesses seeking to improve cash flow and enhance client retention.  We offer complete payment plan management services, featuring secure, PCI-compliant electronic check and credit card processing.  Our cost-effective, custom solutions increase revenue and simplify management of receivables.