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A Painful Journey: Finding Money for Veterinary Care

When you love your pet but financial resources are limited, a veterinary emergency can lead to hours of desperate efforts to raise money and find a veterinarian that is willing to take the case on. This is just one family’s story. There are thousands of other families that have been in a similar predicament, whose stories will never be heard.

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More Empathy, Less Judgment for Pet Owners

It is easy to say, “if you can’t afford a pet you shouldn’t have one.” But it just isn’t that simple. There are many animals who are deeply loved by their families, but that family’s inability to afford veterinary treatment – especially emergency or surgical treatment — doesn’t necessarily indicate a lack of love or attentive care.  Nor does it imply that they are a “bad,” irresponsible or neglectful pet owner.

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An Old Dog with New Tricks: In-House Payment Plans

In-house veterinary payment plans of the past had a bad reputation. Vet clinics hated to offer them, they were burdensome to manage, and clients frequently didn’t keep up with payments. Third-party credit products took their place and now most vets rely on these products to help clients manage costs. But with 60% of pet owners unable to qualify for credit and few financial alternatives, in-house payment plans – revamped for the 21st century – may be making a comeback.

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Get the Details on Client Payment Solutions

When is a payment plan not really a payment plan? Our blog post explains! Make sure you get the details when a new payment option seems like the answer to all your client payment problems. No client payment option is perfect, and your practice should offer a variety of financial solutions because each client’s needs are different. Find out why it’s essential to know exactly what you’re getting.

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Pet Owner Survey: Payment Plans Over Discounts

According to a VetBilling survey, pet owners prefer payment plans to discounts. If your practice offers discounts, you may be giving away money unnecessarily. Small, one-time discounts don’t motivate pet owners to agree to higher priced services because they don’t appreciably reduce “sticker shock.” Our survey offers insights about how pet owners perceive veterinary costs and how they prefer to manage them.

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3 Reasons To Offer Pet Savings Accounts

Pet Savings Accounts are an excellent way to encourage pet owners to be proactively prepared for future veterinary expenses. Not everyone has the discipline to set up a personal savings account without occasionally raiding it to pay for an impulse purchase. Pet Savings Accounts offered through your practice let clients set aside a dedicated dollar amount on a monthly basis that is specifically earmarked for veterinary costs.

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The Secret to Improving Veterinary Dental Compliance

Practice manager Carrie Bowgren told us that her clinic has done everything over the years to encourage client compliance with dental recommendations. They’ve offered discounts and promoted them during Pet Dental Health Month, they’ve pushed messaging on social media and their website. No matter what they did their dental compliance didn’t budge until they began offering easy payment plans through VetBilling®.

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