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Essential Payment Plans

Why our payment plans are essential

In today’s economic climate, pet owners increasingly need flexible options to pay for veterinary services, but veterinary practices must have systematic, reliable methods for offering payment plans with minimal financial risk to the practice. That is what VetBilling provides – a professionally managed payment plan system that includes payment processing and full back-office support to handle payment exceptions and payment recovery services (collections) if needed.  With an overall payment compliance rate of 97%, veterinary practices can rest assured that VetBilling’s professional team of customer service and collections specialists is working tirelessly on their behalf to keep clients on track with their payments. Payment Plans help “fill the gap” for clients who otherwise couldn’t be served due to financial constraints. Our plans can help you help them, so pet owners can follow the veterinarian’s recommended treatment plan without worrying about how to pay for it.

We accept all payment plans that are sent to us, because we give practices the tools and information to determine approvals.  Our optional Credit Score Recommendation (CSR) web application is a powerful tool to assist you in making instant decisions about extending credit. By partnering with VetBilling, you can be compassionate and get paid for your services.


Dog Owners


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Success Rate

46% of dog owners & 44% of cat owners stated they would be more likely to take their pet to the vet more often “if I had a payment plan where I would be billed in equal monthly installments.”* We have a success rate of 97% – 100% when processing payments through our secure, PCI-compliant network.

*Bayer Veterinary Care Usage Study, 2011

How It Works works in tandem with veterinary practices, helping clients manage the financial burden of costly procedures.   Reasonable installment payments are established on a bi-weekly or monthly basis, paid through convenient automatic withdrawals from a checking, savings or credit card account. The veterinary hospital securely submits client payment information to, where it is then processed using the most advanced, PCI-compliant data security protocols. Client payments are electronically deposited in the practice’s bank account. handles the entire payment plan, so you don’t have to send bills, make uncomfortable collection calls or send e-mails to clients reminding them to pay. Since 1986 we have processed, billed and collected on millions of payments. We have all the tools that enable us to be successful in collecting your money.

No monthly minimums, no monthly fees costs veterinarians nothing. Your clients simply pay a modest processing fee and a nominal convenience fee is added to each payment.

1. Enroll Your Practice

Simply contact us to receive an application. Upon receipt of your documents, we will contact you to set up your free account.


2. Create Plan

You choose the payment plan to offer to your client and have the option of utilizing our Credit Score Recommendation tool.

3. Receive Payments

Payments are electronically deposited in your account. Online reports and complete customer support make it worry-free.

4. Increase Revenue

Offering our payment plans will attract more clients, improve client retention and add up to 15% to your bottom line.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does your veterinary practice have a question for us?

We have a convenient FAQ to answer questions you may have. If you’d still like to find out more or would like to request an application, please contact us using the form to the right or give us a call.
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