Sponsorships & Speaking

VetBilling is happy to consider sponsoring your talk at a veterinary conference, seminar or trade show.  Because our mission is to make veterinary care affordable for all, we keep our margins small so our fees don’t create an additional cost barrier for pet owners or veterinarians. To ensure that we effectively manage our costs, we’ve developed the following guidelines to assist us in selecting speakers whose topics best fit with our mission.

Sponsorship Requirements

1. Topics must include at least one of the following:

  • Improving financial access to veterinary care 
  • Overcoming cost barriers to care
  • Solutions for reducing economic euthanasia and owner surrender
  • Improving compliance when cost is a factor (dental & spay/neuter)
  • How and when to have “the money talk” with clients (effective client financial communication)
  • Proactive solutions for helping pet owners be better financially prepared
  • The link between pet owner financial limitations and compassion fatigue/burnout in vet teams
  • Attracting & retaining clients in an economic climate where cost of care discourages regular veterinary visits.
  • Current trends in veterinary business model innovation
  • Revenue cycle management & building recurring revenue streams for veterinary practices

2. VetBilling participation:

  • If a VetBilling representative will be attending, a table to display VetBilling information must be provided and/or a handout is given to each attendee and/or a VetBilling will be a participant in a panel discussion and/or VetBilling is allowed a 5 to 10 minute presentation on the topic of the discussion.
  • If a VetBilling representative will not be attending, a handout supplied by VetBilling must be given to each attendee.

3. Based on the sponsorship amount a minimum of 20 to 100+ attendees in the room

4. At least three to four months advance notice.

Need a VetBilling representative
to speak at your event?

VetBilling will speak/present based on the following:

  • VetBilling will send a representative to speak on one of the above topics (RACE approved non-sales presentation)
  • Travel expenses paid by organizer
  • Handouts to all attendees, provided by VetBilling
  • At least 30 to 100 attendees must be present
  • At least three to four months advance notice

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