Access to Veterinary Care Symposium

The University of Tennessee (UT) Colleges of Social Work and Veterinary Medicine hosted the inaugural Access to Veterinary Care (AVC) Symposium in June of last year. The Symposium brought together interested stakeholders to discuss how lack of access to veterinary care affects human and nonhuman family members and AlignCare™ as a viable solution.

With AlignCare™, the national family crisis of lack of access to veterinary care is resolved through interprofessional collaborations among veterinary and social service professionals and supportive communities.

VetBilling was honored to be a sponsor and a participant in this groundbreaking collaboration with some of the brightest individuals in the veterinary profession. Our co-founder Suzanne Cannon gave a presentation on how offering alternative financing options in veterinary practices positively impacts accessibility of care for pet owners across a broad socioeconomic spectrum. The summary of her presentation is on pages 21 and 25 of the pdf (below.)

Read the full report from the symposium below: