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Stop discounting your services

Case study #4:

Why do you discount your services? Your human doctor does not discount his/her services, why should you?

The main reason for discounting is because you are getting push back from your client on the amount you are charging. You should not feel guilty and/or have to defend what you charge to give their pet the proper care. The pet owner has no idea how much it cost to run a practice. Do not allow the pet owner to emotionally affect you by saying you only care about the money.

You can avoid these emotional roller coasters, eliminate the financial push back and make the money talk a better experience if you offered payment options. By allowing your clients to pay over time you can stop all discounting and recoup 100% of your fees.

As wages remain stagnant you need to give your clients reasons to say yes to your treatment plan. By offering payment options they will say yes to the gold standard of care. Your client will walk away feeling good about the entire experience and they will tell 10 more pet owners about their experience.

As our case study #4 shows one practice went from about $1500 per month in discounts to zero discounts over nine months by offering payment plans instead of giving discounts.

VetBilling Case Study 4