Author: Suzanne Cannon, M.S., M.A.

How Clients Drop Hints: Unexpressed Cost Concerns

Many veterinary clients are worried about finances but won’t ever say so directly.  There are a number of reasons for this, but just a few include embarrassment or shame over their financial situation; having too much pride to ask for help; and fear of being judged as an irresponsible pet parent if they admit they have a limited budget.

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A Painful Journey: Finding Money for Veterinary Care

When you love your pet but financial resources are limited, a veterinary emergency can lead to hours of desperate efforts to raise money and find a veterinarian that is willing to take the case on. This is just one family’s story. There are thousands of other families that have been in a similar predicament, whose stories will never be heard.

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woman holding dog

More Empathy, Less Judgment for Pet Owners

It is easy to say, “if you can’t afford a pet you shouldn’t have one.” But it just isn’t that simple. There are many animals who are deeply loved by their families, but that family’s inability to afford veterinary treatment – especially emergency or surgical treatment — doesn’t necessarily indicate a lack of love or attentive care.  Nor does it imply that they are a “bad,” irresponsible or neglectful pet owner.

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An Old Dog with New Tricks: In-House Payment Plans

In-house veterinary payment plans of the past had a bad reputation. Vet clinics hated to offer them, they were burdensome to manage, and clients frequently didn’t keep up with payments. Third-party credit products took their place and now most vets rely on these products to help clients manage costs. But with 60% of pet owners unable to qualify for credit and few financial alternatives, in-house payment plans – revamped for the 21st century – may be making a comeback.

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