Author: Suzanne Cannon

VetBilling Board of Advisors

Meet VetBilling’s Board of Advisors

We have always believed that a collaborative approach is necessary to address the systemic inequalities that result in significant cost barriers to veterinary care. The expertise and passion that our Advisory Board members bring to the table is helping us cultivate partnerships and alliances that will yield creative and sustainable solutions to the problem of access to veterinary care.

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New California Law Places Restrictions on Offering CareCredit®

While California is the first state to enact legislation that strengthens consumer protections around third-party deferred interest financing, other state legislatures will likely follow soon, as these types of financing plans come under increasing scrutiny. If your state is next, does your veterinary practice have additional payment options to offer your clients?

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This “Old Dog” Has Some New Tricks: 6 Reasons to Reconsider In-House Payment Plans

As more veterinarians began using third-party consumer credit financing to help clients manage large veterinary expenses, in-house payment plans fell out of favor – and not without good reason.

20 years later, with both pet owners and the veterinary profession facing unprecedented financial challenges, it may be time to look at how in-house payment plans have changed, and how in their current format, they can actually help the business of veterinary medicine.

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