Driving Miss Daisy…to the Vet

By Lea Ann McCaslin, Hospital Manager, Arvada West Veterinary Hospital – Arvada, CO

On a sunny September day in Colorado, Brianna – known to everyone as Bri – a client service representative at the Arvada West Veterinary Hospital (AWVH), picked up a phone call and could tell right away the caller was frantic.  Josh was speaking rapidly as he described the symptoms that Daisy, the dog that his family recently adopted, was experiencing.

Daisy was walking crookedly, had been vomiting, and just 15-20 minutes earlier, had suddenly become extremely lethargic.  Josh worriedly reported that Daisy even felt “cold to the touch.”  Bri urged Josh to bring Daisy into Arvada West as soon as possible.

Frantic Phone Call and Financial Concerns
But Josh had an important question first…he asked if AWVH offered payment plans.  He’d seen on a website that AWVH was a participating veterinarian with VetBilling, and he wanted to confirm that Arvada West would be willing to work with him financially. Josh explained that his family was in a tough place after paying for medical bills for one of his daughters.  Bri confirmed that VetBilling was indeed accepted at AWVH, and again urged Josh to head to the clinic right away.

Josh assured Bri that he, Daisy, and his daughter were jumping in the car and heading over, but that he lived in Aurora (a suburb on the opposite side of Denver from AWVH) and he’d be arriving in about 40 minutes.

Daisy’s family and the Arvada West veterinary team who saved her life

Medical Team on Standby
Bri alerted Dr. Carpenter and the team about Daisy’s condition, then talked to the Hospital Manager, Lea Ann McCaslin, about a VetBilling client coming in with a pet in distress.  While the medical team prepared, Lea Ann got paperwork ready and the team waited for Josh and Daisy’s arrival.

Josh burst in the front doors of the clinic carrying Daisy, followed by a little blonde girl, his daughter, on his heels.

Bri took Daisy from his arms and rushed her to the team on standby.  Josh and his daughter were led to an exam room, where he was questioned by a veterinary technician about Daisy’s history, and what she might have been eating or gotten into.  Josh was suspicious that Daisy might have eaten a tablet of his daughter’s medication.

Waiting and Hoping
While Dr. Carpenter and the team worked with Daisy, rehydrating and warming her as they tested for a diagnosis, Lea Ann talked with Josh about VetBilling.

Josh had called numerous veterinary clinics, including the clinic where he took Daisy for her free post-adoption exam.  None of the clinics were willing to offer a flexible payment option, so Josh searched online and found VetBilling, where he saw Arvada West listed on the directory of participating  veterinarians.

Lea Ann and Josh completed the VetBilling payment plan enrollment paperwork, and then Josh settled in with his daughter to wait for news about Daisy.

Dr. Carpenter suspected Daisy had swallowed medication and tested for it; and although the test didn’t confirm that the medication was the culprit, the treatment for a potential toxic ingestion was working – thank goodness.

Dr. Carpenter talked to Josh to let him know that Daisy would need to stay in the clinic overnight for continued treatment.  Josh and his daughter then headed home, feeling tremendous relief.

By the next day, Daisy was up and eating! These positive signs were reported to Josh when Dr. Carpenter called to let him know he could come pick up Daisy and take her home.

Healthy Dog, Happy Family
Josh arrived at the hospital – this time with both of his daughters in tow — all of them thrilled that Daisy was better and coming home with them.

Josh and Dr. Carpenter reviewed Daisy’s aftercare plan, the VetBilling payment plan application was finalized, and a grateful family walked out the door with Daisy strolling along beside them.

The postscript to this story?  Josh and his family, like many pet owners, just needed a little extra time to manage the expense of an unexpected veterinary emergency. 

Josh has already finished making all the payments for Daisy’s care.

Arvada West Veterinary Hospital is located in Arvada, Colorado, a suburb of Denver.