The Secret to Improving Veterinary Dental Compliance

Practice manager Carrie Bowgren of Lake Road Animal Hospital in New York told us that her team has done everything over the years to encourage client compliance with dental recommendations.

Golden Retriever smiling

Offering payment plans or Pay-in-Advance plans makes it easier for clients to say “yes” to dental treatment for their pet.

They’ve offered discounts, more discounts and DEEP discounts. They’ve promoted these discounts during Pet Dental Health Month and pushed their messaging out on social media, their clinic website, and with in-hospital literature.

It seemed that no matter what they did to incentivize their clients, their dental compliance numbers didn’t budge.

Clients just weren’t scheduling dentals for their pets, and those pets weren’t getting the dental care they so desperately needed.

Until Carrie’s team began offering easy payment plans through VetBilling®.

Here is what Carrie has to say:

“We trained our team to use the VetBilling® platform, and we worked on how to BEGIN financial discussions with clients.  We also created a Dental Payment Options chart that detailed what the amount of monthly payments would be with a VetBilling 3 month or 6 month payment plan…

“This chart automatically prints out of Cornerstone when we create a dental estimate, so it is never ‘forgotten.’ We begin presentation of the estimate with phrasing like, ‘We understand that veterinary care can be expensive, and we know most people may not be prepared to pay in full for the kind of dental care we are recommending. So we offer several payment options to assist you in making a decision about how to proceed with our recommendation.’

“‘Then something exceptional happened. Our dental appointments started FILLING, and we saw a 30% increase in dental revenue over the same time frame the previous year!”

Lake Road Animal Hospital’s Dental Payment Options Chart automatically prints out of Cornerstone when a dental estimate is created.

Don’t let clients’ financial concerns keep them from accepting your recommendations for dental treatment. Sometimes all it takes to get to “yes” is to make the cost less scary. When you show clients how the total cost can be broken down into manageable chunks paid over time, they’ll be more receptive. As Carrie and her team discovered, it really is that simple!

To learn how your practice can improve compliance by implementing VetBilling’s easy payment options like Carrie’s practice did, schedule a free 30 minute demo and we’ll walk you through how it all works.