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The Secret to Improving Veterinary Dental Compliance

Practice manager Carrie Bowgren told us that her clinic has done everything over the years to encourage client compliance with dental recommendations. They’ve offered discounts and promoted them during Pet Dental Health Month, they’ve pushed messaging on social media and their website. No matter what they did their dental compliance didn’t budge until they began offering easy payment plans through VetBilling®.

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Don’t Delay Your Pet’s Dental Cleaning Due to Cost

Without regular dental care your pet may end up suffering from a variety of serious dental diseases, but dental cleanings for pets can be expensive. The average cost of a dental cleaning ranges from $300 to $700 but can exceed $1000 depending on the extent of disease. Pay-in-Advance Plans from VetBilling® help you manage costs by allowing you to make installment payments starting a few months before your pet’s appointment.

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Smokey Takes a Flying Leap to the Emergency Vet

Smokey, a rambunctious 3 month old Toy Australian Shepherd, wriggled out of his big sister’s arms late one night. He went flying across the room and shrieked in pain when he hit the floor. Funds were short so Smokey’s mom called every emergency vet in the Pittsburgh area looking for a payment plan. She was turned away by all of them. Finally, one receptionist told her about a vet hospital 90 minutes away that might help.

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Beth Meyers

Welcome Beth Meyers to VetBilling® Advisory Board

Please join the VetBilling® team in welcoming the newest member of our Advisory Board, Beth Meyers. Beth is currently the Client Service Manager at Frisco Emergency Pet Care in Frisco, TX. Frisco has been a VetBilling® partner since 2017. Working in a specialty and critical care facility is where Beth first observed the painful gap between what some clients were able to afford and the cost of the medical care their pet needed.

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Why Vets Don’t Like to Offer Payment Plans, and How Pet Owners Can Change That

The keys to working out a financial arrangement for veterinary care with your veterinarian are to 1) have an established relationship with a veterinary practice; 2) be proactive in securing funds to cover the cost of your initial veterinary visit; 3) have a financial action plan in place before you ever need it; and 4) honor your payment obligations if you are offered a payment plan, and let your veterinarian know if you run into trouble.

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A Veterinarian’s Call for An Affordable Standard of Care

Have we come to a moment in history when not being armed with every possible financial safeguard means that pet ownership should be banned for everyone but the most wealthy Americans?  Dr. Jan Pol may be a controversial figure among veterinarians for some of his clinical practices, but he does offer a thoughtful perspective on how the “spectrum of care” approach can make veterinary care more affordable for many pet owners.

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VetBilling Board of Advisors

Meet VetBilling’s Board of Advisors

We have always believed that a collaborative approach is necessary to address the systemic inequalities that result in significant cost barriers to veterinary care. The expertise and passion that our Advisory Board members bring to the table is helping us cultivate partnerships and alliances that will yield creative and sustainable solutions to the problem of access to veterinary care.

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New California Law Places Restrictions on Offering CareCredit®

While California is the first state to enact legislation that strengthens consumer protections around third-party deferred interest financing, other state legislatures will likely follow soon, as these types of financing plans come under increasing scrutiny. If your state is next, does your veterinary practice have additional payment options to offer your clients?

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