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“Wag the Tail”: on love, hope, and beating the odds

The strength of the human-animal bond is evident in the relationship that Dr. Ryan Llera has with his senior dog, Charlie, who has been battling lymphoma. Dr. Llera writes about this journey on his own blog, and was kind enough to share some of the story with us here at Dr. Llera is a lyrical writer with great sensitivity and empathy. I will never forget the first blog post of his that I ever read: “A Week With Cancer,” also written from the point of view of Charlie. Ever since then I’ve been a fan of Dr. Llera’s, and I’ve enjoyed following his blog and Facebook posts. I was thrilled when he sent me this most recent installment of Charlie’s story.

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When your snake sneezes, it might be time to call the vet

Today’s post about snakes was written by Dr. Maggie Brown-Bury, a veterinarian at the AAHA-accredited St John’s Veterinary Hospital in St Johns, Newfoundland, Canada. I got to know “Dr. Maggie BB” through a veterinary social media & marketing forum in which we both participate. I was always captivated by her posts and comments, as she writes so well and has a terrific sense of humor. Plus, she posted a comment about treating a snake with a respiratory infection, and she mentioned that the snake sneezed! I was fascinated. And that is how her guest post came to be….

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