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Problems facing the veterinary profession!

What is the veterinary profession doing to stop this negative trend? How much longer do you believe that all the best marketing in the world, having the best social media marketing campaigns, optimizing your web presence and being certified for "Fear Free" is going to...

How to Attract New Clients

You do all the right things to get new clients in your door: forward booking, email promotions, appointment reminders, social media and online presence, preventive care education, perhaps offering a mobile app, and getting referrals from your existing clients. But, as...

Driving Miss Daisy…to the Vet

By Lea Ann McCaslin, Hospital Manager, Arvada West Veterinary Hospital - Arvada, CO On a sunny September day in Colorado, Brianna - known to everyone as Bri - a client service representative at the Arvada West Veterinary Hospital (AWVH), picked up a phone call and...

Why Pet Owners Aren’t Sold on “Value”

The predominant model for accepting payment (in full and up front), which is the final act capping off a client’s veterinary experience, can quickly destroy all the goodwill that was earned by compassionate, expert medical care when there is a perception that the hospital is inflexible about payment – especially when the pet owner is facing a large bill. That loss of goodwill then becomes the defining element of the whole experience for the pet owner, and overshadows any feelings of gratitude and appreciation they have for a job well done by the veterinary team.