Problems facing the veterinary profession!

What is the veterinary profession doing to stop this negative trend? How much longer do you believe that all the best marketing in the world, having the best social media marketing campaigns, optimizing your web presence and being certified for “Fear Free” is going to bring you new clients if they cannot afford your services? The statistics do not lie.

The chart below shows the new client decline trend for the past two years and the economic stats that are causing your clients to visit less and stopping new clients from coming to your practice.

An update to the chart below, new client visits dropped 4% in October and 9% in November compared to the same month last year.

To reverse this trend the profession needs to offer payment alternatives, prepayment plans, payment plans, wellness plans and pet savings accounts. With the business tools available today, having an efficient A/R management system makes good business sense.


Problem facing veterinary profession

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